Calibration Weights

A-1 Scale Company has been a supplier of top-quality precision measurement scales and test weights for calibration for over 30 years. Providing our customers with world-class measuring technology, a trained & experienced staff of professionals, and our total commitment to quality enables us to provide you with the best choice available for your precision calibration test weights.

At A-1 Scale Company, we provide all types of test weights to be sure your scale is calibrated to provide precise readings. Whether you are calibrating a gram scale or a large industrial scale for your business, talk to our experts to determine the best weights and process to test and calibrate your commercial weighing equipment.

Don’t leave your scales untested or uncalibrated without considering the consequences to your business of recording, providing, and using incorrect weight information. Call us today to be sure you are getting precise readings each time!

Test Weights

We offer:

  • Cylindrical Weights
  • Grip Handle Weights
  • Cube Weights
  • Block Weights
  • Hanger Weights
  • and more!

In addition to testing your own equipment frequently, A-1 Scale Company recommends that you have certified testing done to ensure your scale is not out of tolerance and giving false reads.

Read more informtation about our certified scale calibration services here.