About A-1 Scale Company

A-1 Scale Co. a division of A-1 Scale Service, Inc. was founded by Scott Klesper in July of 1993, who brought along 16 years of scale industry experience with him to the venture.

“I started this company because the company I was working for was not giving our customers what they needed or what they wanted.  The company I worked for was sold to two investors who were interested in nothing but the bottom line.

The bottom line is what makes it possible to pay all the bills, but customers and the service they receive is what makes your bottom line possible at all.

I founded A-1 Scale Company on pride in workmanship as well as the ability to give our customers the highest quality possible in service and sales”.

Scott Klesper

A-1 Scale has grown in many ways and we hope to keep growing for years to come.  We all like our jobs, helping people solve problems that involve scales.  We work in so many industries, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Schools, the Medical field, that there are too many to list.  Everything passes over a scale of some type at least once in its lifetime.

The diversity in the services we provide makes it so interesting, because we meet so many great people and learn so many new things.

We hope you will choose A-1 Scale to help your company benefit from ours!